Being Here

Sixteen-year-old Carly is interviewing Leah Cartwright for her local history project. But Leah resists, determined instead to tell her own story: that of a lonely child on an isolated farm, a girl whose only escape is into the world of books. And when Adam appears in the orchard Leah discovers a friend. A secret friend. Leah draws Carly in with the magic of story - to her present, her past, her secrets, and her unique friendship with Adam.

A Straight Line to My Heart

School is over, not just for the year, but forever....

When We Were Two

Dan and his brother Eddie take off for the coast, in search of their lost mother, in search of a better life . . . but it's a long road they face and Dan must use all his wits to get them there in one piece. When they are taken under the wings of a group of would-be soldiers marching over the mountains to join up for the Great War, Dan and Eddie's journey becomes something quite unexpected. The experiences they share will shape their future beyond recognition. This extraordinary rite of passage is a powerful, heart-rending story – Robert Newton at his very best.


mia's heart made a sound that no one heard except for mialate one night when she woke from dreams into darkness.ethan was asleep beside her, and em was a forest away.outside it was night and dark and alaska.the sky was upside down. When Mia follows her sister halfway across the world to Alaska, she discovers that love can be found in the most unexpected and beautiful of places. But can Mia find the courage to follow her heart in Alaska? And what if the one you love is not all that you wish them to be?

Pan’s Whisper

When you’re fighting to forget, what would make you remember? Pan Harris is brash, loud and damaged. Ordered into foster care, Pan angry at the mother who abandoned her, and the older sister who kept her from her father. Pan is certain that she knows the reality of her past – until she meets Hunter, the boy who understands her story better than anyone else, and who just may be the key to unlocking the truth of Pan’s memories. But are some memories best left forgotten? And is Hunter worth Pan breaking her most important rule? Never. Trust. Anyone.

Immigration Nation: Secret History of Us

Immigration Nation is an ambitious and revealing three part series telling the secret history of how modern multicultural Australia was forged against the odds. The series uses interviews with eminent historians and eyewitnesses to these momentous events that built a nation, together with rarely seen archive footage and specially shot sequences in the actual places the events unfolded both here and overseas. This is the story of who was allowed in and who was pushed out of a daring social experiment known as the White Australia Policy.

The Biggest Estate on Earth

Across Australia, early Europeans commented again and again that the land looked like a park. With extensive grassy patches and pathways, open woodlands and abundant wildlife, it evoked a country estate in England. Bill Gammage has discovered this was because Aboriginal people managed the land in a far more systematic and scientific fashion than we have ever realised....

Indifferent Inclusion: Aboriginal people and the Australian Nation

McGregor offers a holistic interpretation of the complex relationship between Indigenous and settler Australians during the middle four decades of the twentieth century. Combining the perspectives of political, social and cultural history in a coherent narrative, he provides a cogent analysis of how the relationship changed, and the impediments to change....

1835: The Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia

With the founding of Melbourne in 1835, a flood of settlers began spreading out across the Australian continent. In three years more land – and more people – was conquered than in the preceding fifty....

Breaking the Sheep’s Back

Once a great nation-building icon, the wool business today is but a third of its size when Australia ‘rode on the sheep’s back’. The story is a tragedy that reaches into the offices of Prime Ministers and Cabinet members across seven federal governments and its agencies. Despite this politically sanctioned collapse, there has never been a royal commission. Until now, no one has investigated what precipitated the great crash of February 1991 or the industry’s ongoing decline....
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