19 July 2022
Our National Collecting Institutions are set to tour exhibitions to remote, regional, metropolitan and international audiences.
Family sits by a swimming pool at a hotel in the 1960s.
Performing arts Performing arts
15 July 2022
14 arts projects will share in over $630,000 through the latest Festivals Australia program funding round.
This image shows three singers in colourful, patterned clothing, with a guitarist and drummer, on a lit performance stage as part of the opening night of the 2021 Castlemaine State Festival. Ajak Kwai and Riel Dë Nyiër: World premiere at the Castlemaine
Museums, libraries and galleries Museums, libraries and galleries
1 July 2022
Visit a National Cultural Institution this winter and school holidays.
A man holding his child, while viewing an art work in a gallery
1 July 2022
You are invited to take part in our consultation to inform a new National Cultural Policy.
An artist’s hands, holding a paint jar and painting tool, working on a colourful Indigenous artwork, which features yellow, blue, orange and red designs.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
23 May 2022
Four objects of Iranian cultural heritage have been returned to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Islamic bowl with turquoise glaze and black inscription in Nasta’liq script wishing health and prosperity to its owner.
7 April 2022
An Australian anti-tank gun will take pride of place at the volunteer-run Trafalgar Holden Museum in Gippsland.
Australian 2 Pounder Anti Tank gun on display in a museum.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
6 April 2022
Aircraft enthusiasts will soon be able to get a bird’s-eye view of an important piece of Australian aviation history.
The Jabiru aircraft in front of a small hanger
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6 April 2022
Over $760,000 in funding will be shared by nine arts and entertainment projects to promote Australia’s creative sector internationally.
Actors Vaishnavi Suryaprakash and Sukania Venugopal on stage during Counting and Cracking
Performing arts Performing arts
6 April 2022
Over 100 venues across Australia will benefit from the latest round of the Live Music Australia program.
Story image of Paris Cat Jazz Club provided by James Adrianopoulos
Regional arts Regional arts
1 April 2022
Bundanon has opened the doors of its new art museum and creative learning space.
An image of the Bundanon Bridge for Creative Learning, a long structure extending over a gully