Arts Minister Senator George Brandis has announced Australian artists and arts organisations have succeeded in raising more than $3 million in private sector support for arts projects and philanthropic partnerships which has been matched with more than $2.5 million provided by the Commonwealth Government through Creative Partnerships Australia.

This is a total injection of more than $5.5 million into the Australian arts sector through Creative Partnerships Australia's Plus1 and MATCH funding programs.

Recipients are congratulated for the innovation, creativity and drive behind their campaigns to secure private sector support. Successful artists and arts organisations harnessed the opportunities presented through crowdfunding platforms and social media to build professional networks, cultivate new audiences and achieve national media coverage to reach their fundraising goals to receive matched Commonwealth Government support.

Plus1 provides up to $50,000 in matched funding to organisations to leverage new donor and business support, build stronger and broader networks and develop fundraising skills. Some of the projects supported through the more than $2.1 million in matched funding provided under Plus1 are:

Australian Festival of Chamber Music: $85,250 raised from 32 donors and 3 businesses and $50 000 in matched funding for program and marketing costs.

Circa, Brisbane: $42,021 from 162 supporters and $40 000 in matched funding for its new project Il Ritorno, which will premiere at the Brisbane Festival in 2015.

MATCH provides up to $10,000 in dollar-for-dollar matched funding for independent artists' crowdfunding campaigns. Some of the projects supported through the more than $326,000 in matched funding provided under MATCH are:

Underbelly Arts Festival: $18,841 in private sector support and $16,000 in matched funding for two MATCH campaigns, which supported a total of six projects to appear at the Festival on Cockatoo Island in August.

Creative Mullumbimby: $10,941 from 84 supporters and $10,000 in matched funding for the Mullumbimby sculpture walk, Mullumbimby NSW.

Find out more about the recipients of the MATCH and Plus1 funding and read the full media release Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 and MATCH funding here.