Last weekend Artbank launched its latest exhibition, The Four Letter Word, as part of its Emerging Curators program.
2 December 2019

The Four Letter Word brings together artworks from the Artbank collection as well as a number of select pieces that examine the age-old question: what is love?

More than 25 works will be on display at Artbank Sydney ranging from paintings, prints and photography to video, all exploring love—whether platonic, romantic, familial or self-love.

The lead curator is Sophia Cai, who was one of three selected through the Emerging Curators program to develop an exhibition with Artbank.

'I was interested in curating a show about love for a long time. I wanted to explore love in all its different expressions and also recognise the importance of love to our daily lives, as well as a fundamental part of our societal and cultural foundations,' said Sophia.

Sophia has worked closely with Artbank's experienced curators to develop the exhibition from the Artbank collection, which includes more than 10,000 works.

'I hope audiences will find something of value that resonates with them. At a time of political uncertainty and cynicism, I also hope that an exhibition centred on love as an action or strategy could potentially be a healing space."

The exhibition is open until 14 February 2020, which fittingly happens to be Valentine's Day.

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