Nowhere is there a stronger link between the creativity and education than at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus school.

23 May 2019

This International Arts Education Week, we look at the innovative school’s specially designed curriculum that weaves creativity through each core subject and highlights the importance of arts in education.

‘These are talented kids with great skills and at school it’s all about harnessing that creativity,’ said Marg Leddin, Flying Fruit Fly Circus School Leader.

‘They're mostly very kinetic learners, so we have a lot of outdoor classrooms with hands-on learning. The STEAM approach to the arts has been an absolute goldmine here. We engage students by allowing them to be creative and express themselves in any way they see fit. There’s lots of research to show that that authentic hands-on project learning approach works.’

Fruities Artistic Director Anni Davey agrees: ‘We have Circus Links, and that’s all about history and innovation in circus and bringing circus and the things that the kids know and have a passion for into their learning about maths, geometry, geology and geography’.

It is all about developing mind and body, according to Marg.

‘Our job is to make sure the students get a broad education that’s well balanced. These students put in so much effort with their training and they’re generally well-grounded, positive, hard-working students. To see them achieve further on in life is fantastic. We’re naturally very proud of them,’ Marg said.

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