Regional and remote communites across Australia are set to benefit from the latest round of the Australia Council’s Playing Australia program.

10 January 2023

Over $1.8 million will be shared by nine diverse touring projects, bringing a mixture of dance, music and cultural experiences to 145 different locations across the country, from Esperance to Echo Island.

Amongst the acts to tour are Ibijerri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre co-op with their performance Big Name, No Blankets. This major scale rock'n'roll theatre show celebrates the phenomenal journey and impact of Australian music icons the Warumpi Band, told through the perspective of the Butcher Brothers.

The projects will support both seasoned and emerging creative workers to expand their skills and demonstrate their exceptional talent.

This investment will also ensure that Australia's regional and remote areas get to enjoy world-class entertainment in their own communities.

Playing Australia is administered by the Australia Council and has three grant rounds each year to support net touring and other designated costs associated with performing arts tours.

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Erth's national regional 2024 tour ARC.
Image courtesy of the ERTH Visual and Physical Incorporated.