Tell us how technology can or is helping to revive and maintain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in your community now and for future generations.

31 January 2018

Digital technologies enable languages to be captured and preserved quickly and efficiently and can support other methods being used to increase the revival and maintenance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages within communities.

The Register of ideas has been established to capture digital technologies currently being used, and source ideas for future products and solutions. This is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to protecting, preserving and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

Visit the register and share your experiences and ideas about:

  • an existing digital product or solution that could benefit from further development to suit community needs
  • a new digital product or solution
  • partnerships to develop new products and solutions
  • how to improve digital literacy within communities.

There is no closing date and ideas can be put forward at any time. If you think your idea may be ready for funding consideration and wish to speak with someone prior to applying, we recommend you submit your idea by 9 March 2018. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your idea with an ILA program officer before the 2018 funding round opens. Please note that submitting an idea is not an application for funding.

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