Ready to submit your Visions of Australia application? Make sure you check these things before you submit.

3 October 2017

1. Read the guidelines carefully

Program guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Visions of Australia funding webpage, and on GrantConnect. Read them carefully before submitting to confirm your project is eligible. Some quick tips:

  • Individuals can apply (must  they have been granted permission by an eligible organisation)
  • The Visions of Australia program does not fund feature films, administrative costs or computer hardware.

2. Be clear and concise

Our assessors won’t know anything about your project so make sure you provide a clear outline.  Each assessment is weighed equally and our assessors will be looking at:

  • The scale of the tour
  • Benefits for the sector and communities
  • Key dates
  • Project partners (if applicable) 
  • Other funding sources (if applicable) 

The description should be concise and engaging with a clear format that someone with no previous knowledge will be able to understand.

3. A picture tells a thousand words

The arts is a visual medium so where practicable, provide images of your project.

4. Check your application

Be sure to give your application the best chance by double checking your words and figures both with spell check and by doing a manual proofread to correct any errors.

Once your application is ready, you can submit online through the Visions of Australia funding webpage.

5. Keep informed

Be sure to stay up to date by following our Arts Twitter account. You can also sign up to the Art/Works monthly newsletter which has in-depth articles and industry updates.