We take a look at the Australian National Academy of Music and how it nurtures some of the best musicians from around the country.

18 September 2018

Musicians at ANAM undergo an intensive 12 month performance-based training program in solo, chamber and orchestral or ensemble. A week at the Academy is like a week as a professional musician. 

‘They have to learn to practice fast, they have to learn to rehearse fast, they have to learn to think fast, which is what it's like in the profession,’ said Nick Bailey, ANAM General Manager. ‘We create an energetic performance program. It's very holistic.’ 

ANAM is one of Australia’s national elite training organisations and according to Head of Music Timothy Young, ‘there isn't really anything like it in the world’.

‘You can go to any one of the symphony orchestras in Australia and see innumerable alumni from ANAM. It gives you a real sense of pride. The figures are extraordinary. For example, the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra has something like 20 alumni,’ Timothy Young said.

The musicians have the opportunity to practice and perform with guest artists such as Lawrence Power, one of the world's greatest living viola players.

‘Playing alongside renowned musicians is a key part of the program here. It's never a teacher student scenario, they perform as equal colleagues,’ Nick Bailey said.

‘You gain so much invaluable knowledge on how to perform and pick up on little nuances about what they are doing. They are always doing different things, which keeps you on your toes,’ said Molly Collier-O'Boyle ANAM viola player.

Our video shows a glimpse of how that talent is being developed to ensure Australia continues to produce musicians of the highest calibre.

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