The Government welcomes the Productivity Commission's final report into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts.

13 December 2022

The report highlights how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and businesses have been disadvantaged by the sale of inauthentic arts and crafts and how this has led to cultural and economic harm for various communities.

Findings show that about 60 per cent of international visitors make purchases of inauthentic art. These products fail to reflect genuine Indigenous culture and include collections of misleading products that are typically mass produced globally with no involvement of First Nation's artists.

As part of the Government's ongoing commitment to strengthening and empowering First Nation's communities, the report's recommendations will be carefully considered.

They will support the work already undertaken by the Government to develop legislation and frameworks to protect against the sale and proliferation of inauthentic art.

The Government is committed to supporting fair returns for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and businesses, and to empowering creatives behind this unique and talented work.

As part of the National Cultural Policy, the Government will continue to protect traditional knowledge and enshrine methods of cultural expression in legislation that respects the traditional ways of passing on culture over generations.

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