If you are involved with the Indigenous visual arts sector, we want to hear from you on ways to help the industry grow.
2 September 2020

The Australian Government recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art is an important way for Indigenous Australians to tell stories, share culture, understand and explore Country and history, build community, and earn money. It also makes a significant contribution to our national identity and economy.

The Government has released a consultation paper on Growing the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry, seeking views from the sector on ways to support the industry to grow, continue to deliver economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and promote ethical dealing.

This will inform the development of an Indigenous Visual Art Action Plan to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual artists and their cultural and economic interests, expected to be released in 2021.

We want to hear from people who are involved with the sector to help us understand how you interact with the sector, your experiences and what action you think the Government could take to help grow the Indigenous visual arts industry. You can choose to answer the questions asked in the paper, or you can provide your views on anything else raised in the paper. Submissions are invited until 18 December 2020, 5pm AEDT and can made by emailing IVA@arts.gov.au or calling the Visual Arts and Design Section at the Office of the Arts on 02 6271 1000 to discuss alternate ways to submit your input, such as via video or over the phone.

We are seeking responses on the 4 main themes in the paper:

  1. Sustainable growth—how the Indigenous visual art market can recover and grow in a sustainable way while supporting Indigenous culture. We also want to know what works and does not currently work in the industry.
  2. Capacity building—what is needed to build skills in the industry and to expand professional pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts workers. We are also interested in how to better develop Indigenous-owned and operated enterprises in the sector, and how the framework of support for artists could be stronger.
  3. Access to market—what can be done to help artists to connect with buyers, how digital platforms could be better used and if there is more that could be done to open up international markets for Indigenous visual art.
  4. Legal protections—how to improve public awareness of ethical practices in the industry and how to ensure there are suitable protections in place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and Indigenous cultural expression in the future.

For more information see our Have your say page: Consultation Paper on Growing the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry.

The development of the Indigenous Visual Art Action Plan will follow the Government’s response to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs’ Report on the impact of inauthentic art and craft in the style of First Nations peoples.

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