15 January 2016

Authors, publishers, libraries, copyright holders and members of the public are encouraged to comment on proposed changes to Australia’s copyright laws by 12 February 2016.

The Department of Communications and the Arts has released for public comment draft amendments designed tomodernise and streamline the Copyright Act 1968.

The proposed changes will ensure the disability sector, libraries, archives and educational and cultural institutions have reasonable access to copyright material.

The amendments will simplify the Act and make it easier for:

  • agreements to be reached on educational licensing arrangements for the copying and communication of copyright material;
  • libraries, archives and key cultural institutions to make preservation copies of copyright material; and
  • libraries, archives and cultural institutions to use and provide public access to unpublished works.

The changes will also provide search engines, universities and libraries with ‘safe harbour’ protection if they comply with conditions designed to reduce online copyright infringement.

For more information on the proposed changes or to make a submission visit www.communications.gov.au/have-your-say/updating-australias-copyright-laws.

Read the full  Have your say on copyright amendments media release.