You are invited to take part in our consultation to inform a new National Cultural Policy.

1 July 2022

You are invited to take part in our consultation to inform a new National Cultural Policy.

The consultation is now open for community members and stakeholders to provide their feedback and perspectives on a roadmap to guide a diverse, vibrant and sustainable arts, entertainment and cultural sector into the future.

The policy will be launched later this year. As a starting-point, consultation will be shaped around the five goals of the Creative Australia policy launched in 2013. These have been distilled into the following pillars for the purpose of consultation:

  1. First Nations first: recognising and respecting the crucial place of these stories at the centre of our arts and culture.
  2. A place for every story: reflecting the diversity of our stories and the contribution of all Australians as the creators of culture.
  3. The centrality of the artist: supporting the artist as worker and celebrating their role as the creators of culture.
  4. Strong institutions: providing support across the spectrum of institutions which sustain our arts and culture.
  5. Reaching the audience: ensuring our stories reach the right people at home and abroad.

To inform the policy, you can make a written submission or come to a town hall event being held across the country, starting on 6 July in Hobart. More dates will be announced shortly—keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for more details.

This is a unique opportunity to set a clear direction for the future, and we want to hear from you to help us set a vision for the decade ahead. Submissions are now open until 22 August 2022.

Details on how to register for a town hall event or make a submission are available on our website.

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Image: Lennard Walker at work.
Photo: courtesy of the Spinifex Arts Project, WA.