The Meeting of Cultural Ministers’ have released a public Discussion Paper about arts and disability in Australia as the first step in renewing the Strategy.

24 September 2018

The current Strategy started in 2009 and is focused on improving access to and participation in the arts sector by people with disability. 

The original Strategy has good principles and goals but we know that changes in the creative and cultural sector, and the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, have affected the experience of people with disability and arts and disability organisations.

To learn more about what people and organisations need to support higher rates of access and participation in the arts, a public consultation process will take place from 24 September 2018 to 3 December 2018.

During this time, people with disability, carers of people with disability and organisations can share their views through an online survey, provide written, verbal or recorded submissions or come to a face to face consultation
This is your chance to contribute your ideas on what enables people with disability to engage with the arts, what are the barriers to arts engagement, what are some examples of best practice and what you think should happen in the future.

More information on events and ways to participate in the consultation are available here or by calling 1800 185 693.

Image: Thom Roberts with the One Another X Studio A collection. Styling by Jono Fleming, furniture by Icon By Design. Photo: Rick Carter.

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