For centuries Wägilak people from Arnhem Land have performed songs and dances, passed down through the generations, which sustain culture and connect individuals to family and Country.

25 September 2019

These ancient stories will be presented in a layering of song, dance, design, poetry and the human body in a unique performance called ‘Twisted Fibres’.

This interactive collaboration between the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and the Australian Art Orchestra supports Daniel Wilfred and David Wilfred – leading songmen, dancers, storytellers and didgeridoo players from Ngukurr, in the Northern Territory.

What they create is truly Australian, holding together the new and old, through diverse voices, giving participants an insight into the richness of traditional Yolngu ceremony and language – particularly relevant during the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

NIDA is one of the national elite performing arts training organisations supported by the Australian Government. The eight organisations' training programs promote artistic and cultural excellence.

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