Read about the delightful antics of a cheeky pig in the Indigenous language book, Moli det Bigibigi (Molly the Pig).

2 May 2019

Author Karen Manbulloo is understandably proud of this beautiful story written in Kriol with English translations.

'Moli det bigibigi is the first book that my grandchildren have read in their own language,' Karen said. 'This is really exciting but it also means other children and their parents will be able to read the book in two languages.'

During International Year of Indigenous languages, this book highlights the importance of stories in language and how they link to culture.

Moli det bigibigi is one of the many books produced through the Indigenous Literacy Foundation's Community Literacy Projects. These are distributed to schools and other organisations based in remote communities free of charge. Due to its popularity Moli det bigibigi is now also being sold online and in mainstream outlets.

It is also one of the books which will be showcased for the 2019 Australian Reading Hour on 19 September.

'I am excited to be a part of the Australian Reading Hour and that my book will be read by thousands more people,' said Karen.

The Kriol language is spoken in parts of northern Australia. They share similarities with English, but have a distinct structure and grammar.

Image: Author Karen Manbulloo with her book Moli det bigibigi. Photo credit: Tace Stevens

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