The Denmark Festival of Voice is one of the many events in regional and remote Australia supported through the Festivals Australia program.

4 December 2019

Music and cultural events bring communities together in a special way and nowhere is that more evident than at the Denmark Festival of Voice, according to Artistic Director Vivienne Robertson.

‘I think the arts is critical everywhere, but perhaps particularly so in regional Australia,’ Vivienne said.

‘I was reading some research from the Australia Council that was actually suggesting that in regional Australia, more people look to the arts. I think perhaps because there's less on offer, and people choose to live a life that's embracing nature.

‘We want to be part of the international conversation, and we want to drink from it. We want to draw from it, but we also want to give back, and we want to give back what our experience of voice is, and what our experience of the arts is from living in a regional part of Australia.’

Artists like singer songwriter Emily Wurramara agree on the value of regional events.

‘It's so important to go out to these regional places and perform. When festivals are being held, it's just great for us to come and share our music and our stories and meet the locals,’ Emily said.

‘I really love intimate venues as I feel like a lot of my songs are lyrically driven and so I'm able to sing and feel the lyrics more and send them out. There's all this energy happening in the room – it's very sacred and special.’

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