Gina Williams is one of those rare performers who connects and captures audiences through the power of song, particularly when it is sung in her Noongar language.

28 November 2019

She has gained a reputation across Australia for bringing a fresh, modern take on ancient traditions – merging evocative sounds, natural acoustic instruments and poignant stories.

She teams up with musician Guy Ghouse to run regular music and language workshops.

‘I hope what people walk away with is five words and that people walk away feeling like they've actually learned something that's meaningful,’ Gina said.

‘We have a lot of fun with people but there's method to this. We want people to come in and feel safe, to be able to share stories and songs and go away feeling like they can actually sing theses long beyond the workshop environment.

‘There are so few speakers of our language left. But everyone understands what love is and loss is and everyone likes a good laugh – so we try to incorporate all of that into our performances.

‘What we do is connect through story-telling, in ways that outweigh the things that separate us.’

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