It’s the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, dedicated in 2019 to the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

9 August 2019

To celebrate we bring you an inspiring video from the Festival of Voice in the coastal town of Denmark in Western Australia, which honours the power and beauty of language and voice.

According to Artistic Director Vivienne Robertson, Indigenous languages have always been key to the Denmark Festival of Voice but there was even more of an emphasis this year. 

‘We are delighted to honour the 2019 International Year of Indigenous languages and the power and beauty of Indigenous voices from Australia and beyond,’ Vivienne said.

‘In particular we honour voices from Noongar Boodja and the traditional custodians of this land who have song, story and word as central in their life.

‘Given that we're the only festival of voice on mainland Australia, we wanted to especially hold a light to the Indigenous languages of this land and also of other countries.’

The Australian Government provides funding to the popular event through the Festivals Australia program, which gives communities in regional or remote Australia the chance to participate in and/or attend a community celebration. 

Hear more in our video.

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