On United Nations Day during the International Year of Indigenous Languages we highlight the amazing work of Gina Williams, who uses the power of song to connect audiences to language and culture.

23 October 2019

Accompanied by musician Guy Ghouse, Gina merges powerful singing with poignant stories in English and the language of her Noongar people.

Gina only learnt about her culture and language as an adult, attending TAFE to learn Noongar so she could write songs in language.

‘I grew up not knowing anything about my true history and I've had to claw territory back,’ Gina said.

‘I wanted to learn the language, to write songs so that I could teach my children. It's an incredibly beautiful language – when I hear Noongar language I hear music, it literally sings to me.

‘The work that Guy and I do is informed by four principles – koort, our heart; moort, family; boodja, our land and koorlangka, which is children, but it's about legacy. We're firmly in the business of legacy work.’

Gina and Guy have recently released a recording of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Noongar.

Hear more from Gina in our video, filmed at the Denmark Festival of Voice.

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