The success of the Denmark Festival of Voice, in regional Western Australia, highlights the importance of festivals to communities.

2 October 2019

Denmark Festival Artistic Director Vivienne Robertson believes there are many benefits which continue long beyond the event itself.

‘I think festivals in general are incredibly important because they're gatherings of people, and brilliant things happen out of small conversations,’ Vivienne said. ‘It's good to have the really big events because it boosts the economy and gives local people employment. ‘

Vivienne believes support through the Festivals Australia program has been crucial to the success of the annual event.

‘Government support is totally essential and the support that Festivals Australia has given the Denmark Festival of Voice over the last few years has actually made the festival what it is.’

This year’s Denmark Festival honoured the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.

‘Given that we're the only festival of voice on mainland Australia, we wanted to especially hold a light to the Indigenous languages of this land and also of other countries.’

The Festivals Australia program gives communities in regional or remote Australia the chance to participate in and/or attend a community celebration. The latest application round is now open until 5pm AEDT October 18.

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