Did you know you can make soap with wattle seed pods?

12 August 2019

When you rub together green sickle leaf wattle seed pods with water, the leaves produce a soap-like lather due to chemical compounds called saponins.

Kaytetye Arrernte women Shirleen McLaughlin and Amy Ngamperle, from central Australia, demonstrate how this works in a short video produced for Questacon's Science in First Languages project—as we mark Science Week.

During the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, the National Science and Technology Centre is reaching out to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to be part of this special science and language project.

Communities and individuals are invited to create a short video that tells a story about science, technology, engineering or maths in an Indigenous language and English.

The project is a collaboration between Questacon, First Languages Australia, the ABC and the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

Submissions can be sent in until Friday 6 December 2019 and the first ten accepted for inclusion will receive a $200 Questacon Shop voucher.

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