The ARDS Aboriginal Corporation has launched an anatomy app, called Rumbalpuy Dhäwu, which clearly explains basic information on anatomy and simple medical procedures in plain English and in three Yolŋu languages – Dhuwal, Dhuwala and Dhaŋu.

29 October 2019

The development of the app was supported by the Australian Government by providing $78,000 through the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program.

The ILA program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to express and promote their culture through Indigenous languages and arts activities.

Rumbalpuy Dhäwu Dictionary of Anatomy app can be used by medical professionals, interpreters, patients and their family and friends.

The free app contains easy-to-navigate content in audio, text and picture form, which will assist with understanding of, and access to, mainstream healthcare.

The audio function will allow health professionals to play information to patients in their first language.

Patients can also use the picture-search capability which makes the content more easily accessible to Yolŋu-matha speakers who don't read in their languages.

Some of the app’s special features are:

  • more than over 200 entries
  • text definitions in Plain English, Dhuwal, Dhuwala and Dhaŋu
  • over 140 pictures
  • password-protected men's health and women's health sections
  • browsable picture-search capability
  • predictive text search.
  • Plain English content, which is also accessible to people from other non-English-speaking backgrounds.

The app is designed to continually evolve and is designed incorporate additional input and changes in response to user feedback.

This is another cutting edge initiative of the ARDS Aboriginal Corporation, which champions the importance of language and culture in developing self-empowerment for Aboriginal people.

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