Mungabareena Reserve is one of the many beautiful places on Wiradjuri Country in Albury on the New South Wales/Victoria border.

8 August 2019

Mungabareena means a 'special meeting place' in Wiradjuri language. Mungabareena Reserve was where Aboriginal groups traditionally met, before heading to Mount Bogong in the Alpine National Park.

Once there, the men would catch protein-rich Bogong moths to eat and return to Mungabareena to feast, while the women would stay on the plains to pick grasses and make damper.

Leonie McIntosh is a Wiradjuri woman and she shares the story of the reserve as part of ABC's ‘This Place’ project, during the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

The 'This Place' project invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to create a short video about a place name, and the story behind it.

Image courtesy of the ABC

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