A massive large-scale version of the Gambay map featuring Australia’s first languages is on display at the State Library of New South Wales.

3 October 2019

The giant projection presents a contemporary and interactive way for library visitors to engage with the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

The map is a collaboration between First Languages Australia (FLA) and regional language centres and programs around the country and was launched to coincide with the International Year of Indigenous Languages. 

The Gambay Map has been designed in a way that allows language centres to update their own information as needed.

Language workers around the country have also contributed video profiles, personalising the languages and helping people understand why they are important.

It is an ongoing project and currently showcases over 780 First Nations Indigenous languages. 

Gambay means ‘together’ in the Butchulla language of the Hervey Bay region in Queensland.

The map is a valuable resource for students, parents and teachers, and includes teacher notes and curriculum links across subject areas. 

The project is supported by the Indigenous Languages and Arts program.

The State Library of New South Wales is featuring the map as part of the NSW Aboriginal languages exhibition, Living Language: Country, Culture, Community, which runs until 3 May 2020.

Image courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.

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