Towns and communities across the country are embracing the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IY2019) in many different ways.

30 August 2019

This year’s Parkes Shire Council display at the annual show featured Wiradjuri language, artefacts and artwork created using local produce as well as Australia’s IY2019 logo.

The Parkes Council and nearby Forbes Council have also led the way with an award-winning initiative to provide Wiradjuri language signage in their hospitals.

Key directional signage includes Ngaagigu Mulunma (to see inside) for medical imaging; Ngurang Mindyali (to be fixed fast) for operating theatre; Waluwin Ngaan (healthy mouth) for oral health; and Wambuwanbunmaldhaany (medicine maker) for the pharmacist.

This initiative is now being rolled out to other hospitals across inland NSW.

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