During the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages we have brought you a diverse range of inspiring stories, case studies and videos.

17 December 2019

These highlight some of the fantastic initiatives underway to celebrate, protect and preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

We have shone the light on innovative projects from language centres, Indigenous communities, universities, libraries, museums, federal, state and local governments and a huge range of other organisations.

There have been many highlights – maps and apps; a coin and a stamp; dictionaries and children’s books – focused on the importance of language and culture.

We’ve published more than 150 website stories and showcased over 50 video case studies promoting the important work underway to promote Australia’s Indigenous languages.

Our most read news stories so far feature the mindfulness app, 50 words project, singer Gawurra, Australian Government Action Plan and Indigenous Seasons Map.

First Languages Australia (FLA) has been one of the key organisations driving awareness about the importance of language, so we’ll leave the final word with FLA Coordinator Faith Baisden.

‘Why do languages matter? Because that's where our soul is. That's how we tell our stories. If we can't speak in our own language, how can anyone actually understand us? How can we tell the stories that were passed down forever and ever in someone else's language? We have to speak from our heart in our own language,’ Faith said.

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