Kindergarten children from Adelaide are playing a part in the revival of an ancient Indigenous language.

6 July 2021

Through field trips and a special program, the Kidz Club Educational Centre in Modbury immerses the children in the traditional language of Barngarla.

The program incorporates a language video, an alphabet and picture book developed by the Barngarla people of Port Lincoln, Port Augusta and Whyalla, and the work of Adelaide University linguistics professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann, which is supported through our Indigenous Languages and Arts program.

The last speaker of Barngarla died in 1964, but the language was kept alive by German Lutheran pastor Clamor Wilhelm Schurmann, who recorded 3,500 words, which formed the Barngarla dictionary.

These ancient words are being preserved through great resources and language programs, such as the Kidz Club field trips, enhancing the survival of the language and culture.

Story image courtesy of Adelaide University linguistics professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann.