13 November 2008

A new report, Cultural Funding in Australia: Three Tiers of Government 2006–07, indicates federal, state, territory and local government funding for cultural activities increased by 2.6 per cent in 2006–07.

In 2006–07, total government funding of $5.6 billion was provided for cultural activities by the three tiers of government.

Broadcasting and film, including funding for radio and television services, film and video and multimedia, continued to be the largest recipient of funds, receiving combined federal/state/territory funding of over $1.2 billion in 2006–07. This was a 2.0 per cent increase on 2005–06. Nature parks and reserves, which received $1.2 billion, and museums, which received $520.2 million, were the next largest recipients of federal/state/territory government cultural funding.

Public libraries received $1.0 billion from the three tiers of government with more than half of that, $619.7 million, coming from local government.

The Australian Government spent $1.9 billion to support cultural activities, with the majority, $1.4 billion, spent on arts related activities, including broadcasting and film. This was an increase of 0.2 per cent, that is $4.4 million, over 2005–06 Australian Government funding.

State and territory governments spent $2.6 billion, which included $2.1 billion on heritage related activities, including nature parks and reserves, an increase on the previous year of 2.3 per cent, or $58.4 million. Local governments provided $1.1 billion, that is 19.3 per cent, of the total of government cultural funding, a 7.9 per cent or $79.5 million increase on the previous year.

The Cultural Funding in Australia: Three Tiers of Government 2006–07 report is produced by the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics of the Australian Bureau of Statistics for publication by the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group. The publication can be downloaded at: www.culturaldata.gov.au/publications/statistics_working_group/cultural_funding_in_australia.

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