The Australian Government will deliver $6.5 million to two leading arts organisations under the Government’s $50 million COVID-19 Arts Sustainability Fund

14 October 2021

The Australian Ballet and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts will share in $6.5 million from the Australian Government’s $50 million COVID-19 Arts Sustainability Fund, to support their ongoing viability through the pandemic.

Both of these leading arts organisations support accomplished and emerging artists, industry educators and leaders to succeed within our much-loved arts sector. Funding will support ongoing sustainability and provide a pathway to recovery.

The Arts Sustainability Fund supports the arts and entertainment sector by providing necessary finance to plan for recovery from COVID-19 disruptions.

Almost $13 million remains in the Fund, which is still open and accepting applications until 31 May 2022, subject to allocation of funds.

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Photo by Jeff Busby, Summertime at the Ballet, courtesy of The Australian Ballet.