An historic museum in Far North Queensland will be renovated thanks to a grant from the Australian Government.
18 October 2021

Funding of $155,000 has been provided in a one-off grant to the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) to upgrade the James Cook Museum in Cooktown

The project includes urgent repair works to the Museum's main building, a 19th Century convent, involving water proofing, new guttering, downpipes and associated painting, and some external interpretative signage.

The upgrades will allow the museum to continue to be a tourist drawcard with collections that include:

  • Local Guugu Yimithiir artefacts
  • an original anchor and canon from HMB Endeavour
  • items from the region's Chinese migrant heritage and the gold rush era
  • the history of the convent itself.

The Trust is aiming to complete the roofing repair works before December 2021, with the upgrade completed by the end of May 2022, weather permitting.