$70,000 Artbank + ACMI commission is jointly awarded to develop story of lifelong friends.

28 September 2022

The Artbank + ACMI Commission was recently awarded to Mparntwe (Alice Springs) Arrernte and Southern Luritja artist Sally M Nangala and Western Arrarnta artist Marlene Rubuntja for their proposed animation Two Girls.

The lifelong friends and experienced film makers will collaborate with Ludo Studio to tell the story of their lives.

'I feel really proud of Sally and her paintings.She tells really good stories when she does her paintings. I love my sewing with all my heart and always think about lots of memories too.

Now we can make this film together about when we were two little girls in Amoongunguna. She can do painting and I can do sewing, and we can feel really proud telling this story together,' said artist Marlene Rubunjta.

The animation will combine the old and the new, showcasing Marlene's soft sculptures and ink on paper works in an innovative way. Sally's acrylic on linen paintings will also appear.

After its exhibition at ACMI, it will be available for loan through the Artbank leasing program. The income generated through this program is directed back to support contemporary Australian artists.

The Artbank + ACMI commission was a three year commissioning program enabling Australian artists and filmmakers to create new works at the intersection of art of cinema. This is the third and final Artbank and ACMI commission.

First Nations artist Marlene Rubuntja. Photo courtesy of Yarrenyty Arltere Artists.

Sally Mnangala Mulda at Tarnanthi, 2019. Photo by Saul Steed.