The Meeting of Cultural Ministers has agreed to replace the Major Performing Arts Framework with a new National Performing Arts Partnership Framework.

18 October 2019

The new National Performing Arts Partnership Framework is now available on the Australia Council website.

Companies funded under the new framework, known as Partnership Organisations, will benefit from the stability of up to eight years funding.

The new framework provides:

  • a clear approach to prioritising outcomes for the Australian performing arts sector, audiences and communities, such as growing First Nations arts
  • a pathway to expand the number of funded companies through a two-stage invitation and assessment process
  • stability of funding balanced with flexibility so governments can jointly respond to changing priorities
  • increased transparency and accountability through enhanced reporting, and
  • a new approach to rewarding artistic and organisational excellence.

The framework incorporates the key outcomes of the nation-wide public consultation process in 2018, which included 8,026 survey responses, 370 formal submissions and 15 forums across the country.

Organisations will be invited to apply for funding under the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework in 2020.  Further information is available on the Australia Council website.

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