The Government will provide an extra $22.8 million to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
5 August 2021

The funding is part of over $1 billion in targeted investment through the Government's first Closing the Gap Implementation Plan.

Delivered through the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program, the additional funding will enable the ILA-supported language centres to accelerate efforts to increase the number and strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages being spoken. The funding will be used to:

  • establish three new Indigenous language centres and increase the ongoing investment in ILA-supported language centres
  • increase the ongoing support for projects that protect the most at-risk Indigenous languages
  • develop place-based partnerships between Indigenous language centres and local health and early childhood centres, with new funding being available over three years.

Australia's Indigenous languages are disappearing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. It is critical that these languages are revitalised and maintained for current and future generations.

Speaking language is important to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Country and maintain good health. It also supports improved education outcomes for children and young people, and creates new jobs and career pathways.

The ILA program currently supports a network of 20 Indigenous language centres, which provide vital language services to communities.

For more information on the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, visit the National Indigenous Australians Agency website.