The Government's tax incentives have supported 880 screen productions to inject over $5 billion into the Australian economy.

4 October 2022

Since its commencement in 2007, the Australian Screen Production Incentive has underpinned the evolution of our screen sector.

Support through the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Offset and the Location Offset has secured a strong pipeline of work for the screen sector, and has delivered a major economic uplift for supporting industries, including hospitality, accommodation, transport, logistics and construction companies.

Over 880 productions certified through the offsets have generated over $5 billion worth of expenditure into the Australian economy.

Both domestic and large-budget screen ventures supported through these offsets contribute significantly to our domestic economy, encouraging substantial investment in both screen and supporting sectors.

These diverse projects also allow local stories to be promoted to wide-ranging audiences, increasing the reach and reputation of our screen sector. They also strengthen our screen eco-system by creating invaluable employment opportunities for our highly talented cast and crew, along with workers in supporting industries.

Renowned international directors and producers have not only fallen in love with the skills and expertise of our Australian screen workers, but also our land and lifestyle.

Over recent years, Australia's digital and special effects companies have been involved in creating some of the most innovative and exciting visual effects as well as working on some of the biggest blockbuster film and television series in screen history.

Through this work the Australian post, digital and visual effects sector has built an enviable reputation for ground-breaking and award winning work.

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