The formal handover of a Port Stewart ancestor was undertaken in Germany on 24 October 2017.

27 October 2017

In a handover ceremony at the State Museum of Hannover, the custodianship of one unnamed ancestor was returned to the Lama Lama family.

The State Museum of Hannover hosted the ceremony, which included a representative from the Lama Lama family group, Lower Saxony State Government officials, the Australian Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Ms Lynette Wood and a representative from the Department of Communications and the Arts. The Department administers the Australian Government’s Indigenous Repatriation Program

On return to Australia, Lama Lama family members will accompany their ancestor to Port Stewart, Queensland, where they will undertake ceremony to lay her Spirit to rest on Country.

For more than 150 years Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestral remains and secret sacred objects were removed from their communities for various reasons and placed in museums, universities and private collections in Australia and overseas.

The Australian Government is committed to assisting Indigenous communities to pursue the unconditional return of ancestral remains held in overseas collections.

Since the Indigenous Repatriation Program began, more than 1400 ancestral remains have been returned to Australia with this return totalling 52 ancestors returned from Germany.

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The Lama Lama people, of Queensland, explain the importance of the return of their female ancestor to Country, Yintjingga, in this video provided courtesy of the Lama Lama Land Trust, Lama Lama Tumra and the Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation.