The importance of Indigenous language has been highlighted at the 2019 Australian of the Year awards.

29 January 2019

Multi-talented, multi-lingual Indigenous artist Danzal Baker, otherwise known as Baker Boy, has been recognised for keeping Indigenous language alive, earning the title of 2019 Young Australian of the Year.

Baker Boy raps in his native language, Yolngu Matha, proudly representing his culture and heritage.

Born in Darwin and raised in the remote Northern Territory communities of Yurrwi, the 21-year-old Dhuwa artist is the first Aboriginal rapper to achieve mainstream success singing in language.

He uses his talent to encourage Indigenous youth to embrace their culture and take up leadership positions. He also leads a number of music workshops in Indigenous communities.

The singer, dancer, actor and graffiti artist is often referred to as the 'Fresh Prince of Arnhem Land'.

Danzal will continue to share his message about the importance of language during this International Year of Indigenous Languages (IY2019).

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