'Fruities' graduate Holly-Rose Boyer is already on her way to a great career.
28 September 2021

After 8 years juggling acrobatics and schoolwork, Holly-Rose has just graduated from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, known colloquially as 'Fruities'.

Holly-Rose is one of many success stories from the full-time select-entry circus training program, which is one of the National Performing Arts Training Organisations supported by the Australian Government.

The circus performer has just signed a performing contract with Circa, one of Australia's leading contemporary circus companies based in Brisbane.

How has training, performing and touring with Flying Fruit Fly Circus prepared you for this opportunity?

My time at Fruities has taught me so much. From on the floor skills and training, to general life skills and so many amazing experiences and opportunities! I joined the circus in Year 5 and have been able to train with some incredible coaches and perform shows all over Australia, and in some major venues and festivals. I will always be grateful for everything the circus has done for me.

What advice would you give a young person just starting out their circus journey?

To take it all in, learn as much as you can, don't be scared to try new things, have trust in yourself and others, and of course have fun! The best part about circus is that whilst we do crazy things it's what makes us happy, so it gives us the drive and motivation to keep going. Be confident in who you are and express yourself.

Images of Holly-Rose Boyer courtesy of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.