Four of Australia’s leading Arts organisations will collectively receive more than $9 million in funding assistance from the COVID-19 Arts Sustainability Fund.
21 January 2021

The first batch of funding from the $35 million COVID-19 Arts Sustainability Fund has been granted to four of Australia’s leading Arts organisations severely disrupted by COVID-19.

The National Institute of Dramatic Art, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Melbourne Art Foundation will collectively receive more than $9 million from the fund to assist their recovery from the pandemic and to safeguard their future.

The funding, which is targeted towards significant Australian Government-funded arts organisations, will support these organisations’ continued operations, including the employment of workers, and contribute to rebuilding Australia's creative economy.

These organisations are vital to showcasing Australia’s unique stories, as well as enhancing community wellbeing and access to cultural experiences across Australia.

Applications for the COVID-19 Arts Sustainability Fund are still open and will close on 31 May 2021 (5:00pm AEST), subject to allocation of funds.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate their suitability for funding against specific criteria outlined in the Program Guidelines and provide the necessary financial documentation for assessment.

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