Take a look at how the recent graduates from NAISDA Dance College are already making their mark on the world stage.

10 May 2018

Step into a new world by watching our video showcasing the students from NAISDA and their passion for dance, culture and community. NAISDA Chief Executive Officer Kim Walker chats to us about the depth of learning which occurs over the student’s time at the College.

“It's not just about dance and Indigenous culture, it's actually about the skills of training young people to succeed in the world,” said Kim Walker. “We use culture and dance because it is such an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.”

NAISDA is unique as it offers a formal qualification in dance and also creates a space for the students to better understand and express their cultural heritage.

“We’re not only creating professional performers, we're also creating dancers who want to go back into their community and use cultural dance as a way of educating, communicating and passing on stories.”

NAISDA has a national and international reputation for developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancers and equipping them with the confidence and qualifications for a successful future in the arts. It has been at the forefront of dance performance training for 42 years with many graduates going on to successful careers in Bangarra and other renowned dance companies.

Hear from the latest cohort of graduating students about their hopes for the future and see their amazing dance performances.

NAISDA is one of eight national elite performing arts organisations supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts. 

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