A group of gifted Australian artists in training have joined forces for a unique performance collaboration.

26 July 2018

The creative workshop brought together emerging talent from the country’s eight national elite performing arts training organisations – known as the ARTS8.

Some of Australia’s most gifted young actors, dancers, film makers, circus artists and musicians spent three days developing and producing an original piece of work around the theme of ‘flight’.  

‘To be able to quickly meet up with 15 other artists and develop a project in just one weekend, and instantly have to open up your skills to each other and your ideas, is really enjoyable,” Australian Youth Orchestra musician Kit Millais said.

‘It's all about art forms coming together and learning from each other,’ Australian Ballet School student Alex Mitchell said.

Watch our video to see how the workshop culminated in an amazing performance.

The Australian Government funds the eight national elite performing arts training organisations to support Australia's thriving creative economy.

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