Creative Partnerships Australia CEO Fiona Menzies spoke to us about the importance of private sector support for the arts in Australia.

27 June 2018

The lead-up to the End of Financial Year is an ideal time to reflect on the importance of philanthropy and private sector support for Australia’s arts and cultural sector.

In our latest video Fiona Menzies, CEO of Creative Partnerships Australia, outlines the importance of private sector support for the arts and how Creative Partnerships Australia helps to develop relationships between philanthropists, businesses, investors and creative practitioners.

Creative Partnerships Australia was established in 2013 to encourage and facilitate philanthropy, sponsorship and social investment in the arts. It does this through a range of programs, including workshops, seminars, master classes, coaching and mentoring sessions.

Since 2013, Creative Partnerships has also distributed more than $8 million in funds through matched funding initiatives, helping around 460 projects by artists and arts organisations leverage private donations. Programs like Plus1 and MATCH provide a platform for dollar-for-dollar matched funding for fundraising campaigns giving an extra incentive for give.

Creative Partnerships also distributes around $2 million annually to Australian artists sourced from philanthropic donations to the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) platform.

Watch our video to learn more about Creative Partnerships Australia’s vital contribution to Australia’s arts and cultural sector:


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