Challenging the mind and body – academic studies at the National Institute of Circus Arts are as rigorous as the physical workouts.

25 September 2018

It’s a tough audition process to be accepted into Australia’s only Bachelor of Circus Arts, delivered through Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Our latest video explores how students balance academic demands with physical training. 

“People think it's all cartwheels, handstands and back somersaults, but it is a degree program and we offer an amazing array of different core subjects – from anatomy and physiology to an amazing business course,” said James Brown, Swinburne University, National Institute of Circus Arts Head of Circus Studies.

“It's a degree course, so it has academic rigor as well as the intense physicality that's involved in the learning of skills. Circus is a unique artform,” said Rose Stephens, National Institute of Circus Arts Executive Director. 

“Circus is a great art form as it takes all of the greatest elements – dance, music, martial arts – and it mixes them all together with discipline, training, strength and coordination. It really delivers so much.”

The National Institute of Circus Arts is one of Australia’s national elite training organisations. 

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