Listen to masterful music by one of Australia’s national elite performing arts training organisations, the Australian Youth Orchestra.

9 August 2018

In 1948, two teachers wanted to bring students together from around the country to play music. This was the early beginnings of the AYO which now hosts 250 students each year. 

In our new video we join AYO students playing at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre with guest conductor Courtney Lewis and winner of the 2016 Sydney International Piano Competition Andrey Gugnin.

“The experience of playing in an orchestra is very much about listening to one another, of hearing how the musicians relate to each other. It's never about individuals,” said guest conductor Courtney Lewis.

The AYO acts as a bridge for students who are still studying music, but want to be exposed to professional experiences. The students come together to perform on a variety of stages, which pushes them artistically and provides opportunities to collaborate with musicians from all over the world. 

“To work with an orchestra of this calibre, means that I leave and tell everyone how sophisticated it was and how wonderful it was. That's a very important thing, that a country can show just how elevated its culture is through music,” said Mr Lewis. 

The Australian Government funds the eight national elite performing arts training organisations to support Australia's thriving creative economy.

To find out more visit the AYO website.