Indigenous arts and languages. Indigenous arts and languages
18 January 2019
A new conference will explore some of the earliest known recordings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages in Canberra next month.
Excerpt from Captain Cook's diary dated April 1778.
Indigenous arts and languages. Indigenous arts and languages
17 January 2019
An Aboriginal music touring project is bringing contemporary music and culture to some of our most hard to reach areas.
Ritchie Guymala of Black Rock Band
Indigenous arts and languages. Indigenous arts and languages
4 January 2019
The United Nations (UN) has declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IY2019) to raise awareness about the crucial role of...
Four panels. Panel 1: Indigenous man in green shirt and wearing a hat on his head. Panel 2: an Indigenous woman with child hanging around her neck. Panel 3: Indigenous woman. Panel 4: Indigenous man.
Indigenous arts and languages. Indigenous arts and languages
20 December 2018
A successful community program in Broome is helping keep the Yawuru language alive.
Group of graduates of the Walalangga Yawuru Ngan-ga language program singing
Museums, libraries and galleries Museums, libraries and galleries
19 December 2018
Take a look at the key trends for our national cultural institutions in 2017-18.
Impact of our National Cultural Institutions. 2017-18 results
Regional arts Regional arts
17 December 2018
The latest Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Community Grants are set to support community creativity across regional Australia.
Painting of Viterra’s grain silos in Kimba South Australia during August and September 2017. Photographer Robert Lang.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
17 December 2018
To stay at the forefront of protecting Australia’s cultural property, we have updated the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Regulations 2018.
Ptolemy's Cosmographical Map Sheet returned to Spain in February 2008.
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11 December 2018
After a big year, we take a look back at some of our highlights.
Image graphically showing what the Department of Communications and the Arts has achieved for 2018, shwoing towers, a map of Australia, conversations.
10 December 2018
If you’re an author, artist, musician or filmmaker, upcoming changes to terms of copyright protection could affect you.
Old fashion alarm clock.  Someone is using a laptop in the background.
Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
7 December 2018
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Cultural Gifts Program that provides incentives for donors to gift art and cultural property to public...
Kylie Minogue's Blue Showgirls Costume. Photo courtesy of Victorian Arts Centre Trust.