Cultural heritage Cultural heritage
8 July 2020
A revered 19th century Aboriginal shield now has a permanent home in the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), on the land of the Kaurna people.
Kaurna People, South Australia, Mulubakka (shield), 1800s, Adelaide, wood (eucalyptus) and earth pigments, courtesy of Art Gallery of South Australia.
7 July 2020
In light of COVID-19, many arts organisations are considering how best to prioritise the safety of their audiences and ensure they feel comfortable...
picture of a persons hands on a keyboard with icons overlayed for messaging, email, phone and feedback.
6 July 2020
Almost $540,000 will support 14 cultural projects at festivals across regional and remote Australia through the latest Festivals Australia funding...
Queensland Music Festival—FA000680, Project: The Mount Isa Spectacular. Title: Louis Johnson. Acknowledgment: Puppeteer Louis Johnson with his emu creation.
Museums, libraries and galleries Museums, libraries and galleries
3 July 2020
Did you know you can help record history during this extraordinary time?
bridging the distance sharing our COVID-19 Pandemic experience
Visual arts Visual arts
30 June 2020
$5.5 million to establish a National Centre of Excellence to preserve Australia's audiovisual heritage for future generations.
Image of the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra.
29 June 2020
The Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund will provide competitive seed funding for new productions, festivals and events to support...
Seedlings growing on top of coins from soil/ground.
29 June 2020
The Government has announced a $50 million Temporary Interruption Fund (TIF) for Screen Australia to support local film and television producers...
Movie making tools: film reels, camera, production board.
29 June 2020
The $90 million for concessional loans will provide art organisations and businesses access to a vital source of required capital to fund...
Man working with theatre lighting.
29 June 2020
As part of the $250 million JobMaker plan, there will be $35 million of funding to support significant arts and culture organisations and...
Acrobat wearing a safety harness kneeling on a safety net.
Literature Literature
29 June 2020
More than $22 million has been paid to over 13,100 authors, publishers and illustrators through the Lending Rights schemes in 2019–20.
Lending Rights. Pile of books.