Meeting of Cultural Ministers officials working group

The cultural ministers are advised and supported by a working group of public sector officials from the Australian Government, and state and territory arts and culture ministries. This group considers, as directed by cultural ministers, arts and culture issues of national significance that require a collaborative approach.

Government officials responsible for arts and culture in each jurisdiction can be contacted through the links below:

The Meeting of Cultural Ministers Secretariat has responsibility for hosting and chairing the meetings with officials, as well as provision of secretariat support.  The secretariat role moves among the members.  The current secretariat is Western Australia.

The officials working group has a number of key priorities, these include:

  • The Statistics Working Group (SWG). The Working Group manages a national program of cultural data collection, research and analysis.
  • The National Arts and Culture Framework. The Framework forms the basis for a triennial work plan, which identifies key areas of focused partnership. In addition to work under the Framework being undertaken through informal channels, Officials have convened a working group focussed on Digital Technologies (Chair: Victoria).
  • The National Arts and Disability Strategy. The Strategy sets out a vision for improving access to and participation in artistic and cultural activities for people with disability.

From time to time, to assist the officials working group, representatives of its membership and co-opted experts from relevant disciplines are convened in other working groups to provide specific advice.