About the book

Introducing a new, visually engaging way of presenting grammar. Appealing to the senses and the emotions with colour, texture, humour and drama, this book seeks to make the subject of grammar not only more intelligible to more people, but more memorable.

Book cover The Greatest Gatsby A visual book of grammar by Tohby Riddle
Published by: 
Penguin Random House Australia

About the author


Tohby Riddle is an award-winning writer, illustrator, cartoonist, designer and sometime editor based in Sydney. He has written and illustrated numerous well-loved picture books, written a novel (published as a young adult book), was the cartoonist for Good Weekend (the Saturday magazine of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) for nearly 10 years, and is a former editor of The School Magazine, a literary magazine for children published by the NSW Department of Education

Portrait - Tohby Riddle - author.

Judges’ comments

In The Greatest Gatsby author and illustrator Tohby Riddle produces a skilfully designed information book about English grammar that is a delight to read and look at. The guiding principle is simple: “Words put together properly are able to carry meaning. Grammar gives words names…and groups them into word classes.” Tohby Riddle explains this in what may be the simplest and clearest definition of every schoolchild's nightmare.

The Greatest Gatsby shows that grammar is mostly a game that has rules and then smartly demonstrates what those rules look like—literally—using a string of visual puns. Rather than give us rules and their tedious exceptions, Riddle virtually performs the concepts in visual terms.

Riddle's design draws upon letterpress, text written on an old typewriter, collage and found images. Riddle has shown in numerous books already that he is the sly master of diversity and he makes light work of one of the heaviest topics known to schoolchildren everywhere and in all times. Here at last is a book for young people about grammar that is, astonishingly, both a pleasure to look at and to read.