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Francie's going to have a new baby sister very soon. But what will her name be? Francie has so many ideas! On a long drive home with Mum, in the pouring rain, maybe they'll find one that's just right... From multi-award winning author-illustrator Bob Graham comes a tender, touching story of family life, perfect for sharing when a new baby is on the way. A beautifully observed celebration of the way inspiration can, and often does happen in the most ordinary and unlikely of places.

Book cover of Home in the Rain by Bob Graham
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Walker Books

About the author


Bob Graham is a Kate Greenaway-winning author-illustrator who has written and illustrated many acclaimed children's picture books including How to Heal a Broken Wing, How the Sun Got to Coco's House, Max, Jethro Byrde: Fairy Child and April Underhill: Tooth Fairy. His 2011 title, A Bus Called Heaven, is endorsed by Amnesty International UK and was the winner of the 2012 Children's Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year Award - a prize Bob has won an unprecedented six times. In 2014, Silver Buttons was awarded a prestigious Prime Minister's Literary Award in Australia.

Bob lives in Melbourne.

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Judges’ comments

This remarkable book begins with a leave-taking from a grandmother’s house, and ends with a welcome home from a father who has returned from a journey. The pages in between describe the rain-lashed and lorry-filled drive from one home to the other. On the way, mother and daughter amiably ponder suitable names for the girl’s yet-to-be-born sister. In the space of a few pages, this narrative captures the vast and the minute, the distant and the immediate. The viewpoint switches back and forth from the confines of the valiant little red car in which mother and daughter battle through the highway traffic, and an omnisciently distant perspective from the cloud- heavy sky.

With effortless grace, and with delicate shifts between seemingly disparate observations, this picture book explores absence and presence, safety and vulnerability, intimacy and the impersonal. From the roar of rain and thundering trucks to the squeak of a finger writing on wet glass, from the quiver of a hiding mouse to the hovering of a kestrel, from a humble roadside picnic in the tiny car to a highway stretching to the horizon, the text and illustrations of this elegantly realised picture-book offer the reader a suite of subtly linked observations that combined, portray a moment in the life of the world.