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At 17, Jacklin Bates is all grown up. She’s dropped out of school. She’s living with her runaway sister, Trudy, and she’s in love with Luke, who doesn’t love her back. She’s stuck in Mobius, stuck working in the roadhouse and babysitting her boss’s demented father. A stranger sets up camp in the forest and the boy-next-door returns. Trudy’s brilliant façade is cracking and Jack’s only friend, Astrid, has done something unforgivable. Jack is losing everything, including her mind. As she struggles to hold onto the life she thought she wanted, Jack learns that growing up is complicated.

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About the author


Vikki Wakefield’s first young adult novel, All I Ever Wanted, won the 2012 Adelaide Festival Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction, as did her second novel, Friday Brown, in 2014. Friday Brown was also an Honour Book, Children’s Book Council of Australia, in 2013. Among other awards, it was shortlisted for the prestigious Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Young adult fiction in 2013. Vikki lives in the Adelaide foothills with her family.

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Judges’ comments

The waiting is the hardest part. For 17-year-old Jack (Jacklin), she can’t wait for her real life to begin. She is living with her older sister, who has returned home from years living abroad. Jack has dropped out of school, from boredom more than anything. She lives in a town called Mobius, where life seems to go nowhere as though on some endless loop. Two crummy part-time jobs and a one-way romance aren’t taking her anywhere, either. What does the future hold and can she kick over the hurdles that lay ahead? With a small group of friends, and an unlikely older ally, Jack starts to find a way when they embark on reviving an old drive-in cinema. Vikki Wakefield captures the intense yearning and restlessness of teenage years with perfect accuracy. She can pivot from seeming devastation to piercing insight in a sharp turned phrase. Inbetween Days is a novel rich authenticity and memorably complex characters.